Dustin W. Evans

Candidate for Virginia Delegate, District 16 

Pittsylvania County, Henry County, Martinsville City

Phone:  (434) 710-9755



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My name is Dustin W. Evans, and I am running for the Virginia House of Delegates 16th District election on November 5, 2019.

Southside Virginia is my home, and I love it here.  Our district has always been a strong agricultural and industrial region. Unfortunately, over the last few years, many factories have closed, and agriculture has been declining. I am running to make our home, a prosperous region once again. It is my goal to correct the faulty leadership and put our district on the right course of action.

By focusing on repairing our infrastructure, reforming agriculture, making sure our schools have the tools they need to be successful, and repairing Virginia's broken medical we can make our home a successful one.

These are policies that many Virginians already support. With your help, we can turn our home into one that is thriving.



  • Hemp Production

  • Land Use Tax

  • Ending Imminent Domain

  • Protect the Right to Farm Act

Hemp Production


Virginia has a long history of agriculture. Hemp for most of America's history was part of that culture. As of March 2019, once again it is a viable crop in Virginia. I believe it is the product that will eventually overtake tobacco growth, which our area has a long tradition of growing. Hemp is a multifaceted plant, that could be exponentially beneficial to Virginia Agriculture. 

I would like to see Hemp be treated like any other crop. Currently, to grow or even possess hemp plants or seeds one must be registered by an annually registered grower. I will fight to remove these regulations and make it easier for farmers to transition into growing hemp. 


Land use Tax

Ordinarily when people hear the phrase " Tax" their first thought is to cringe.  However, Virginia currently has a tax known as the " Use Value Taxation Program".  How this tax works is if a property owner has farmland or forestry that meets the minimum acreage, the land is taxed based off of the amount of yield it produces not property assessment values that are tallied based off of the top market value for that land.

Currently, this law is used at the discretion of the locality. I believe by expanding this tax statewide we could grow agriculture and forestry production.


Ending Imminent Domain

Imminent Domain is an issue that affects not only farmers but homeowners as well. The Government both federal or state have no authority to take anyone's land without their consent. I will fight to see Imminent Domain is restricted in Virginia


Protect Right to Farm Act

The Right to Farm Act is crucial for Virginia Farms. It protects farms from zoning ordinances that would restrict or regulate farming and forestry practices. The reason this law is very important is, it helps protect established farms from a business' or homeowners that move into agricultural districts and file nuisance claims.


Remove the Certificate of Public Need.

The two hospitals available in our area were recently found to be 6% worst in the United States. One of the reasons Virginia's healthcare is so bad is a law we have called Certificate of Public Need ( C.O.P.N.). 

What this law does is it limits the number of healthcare facilities that can open. It limits them solely off of financial loss for existing hospitals. I am a big proponent for the free market. I do not feel it is the job of the Commonwealth of Virginia to protect hospitals from having competition. I will immediately work to repeal this law with every delegate that will fight for helping Virginian's healthcare.



School Funding Increase

One of the most common issues I have heard during my campaign is the lack of funding for our schools. This is certainly true and something I will fight to correct. The amount of funding is extraordinarily out of balance with what the northern part of the states receives.


However, it is not just the funding our special needs programs are severely lacking, and many parents feel the burden. One of the main issues is the fact that for every special needs student a school receives a special needs add-on for that child. However, the money is not earmarked and is put in one giant pot. These funds need to be specifically set aside. On top of that, I believe the House of Delegates needs to work hand-in-hand with the Board of Education to create a curriculum for Autistic children. This would be something entirely original for our state. 



Complete restoration of voting rights

A common theme I have seen during this election was the number of citizens who have lost the right to vote. I believe our democratic republic is the greatest form of government the world has ever seen. It is vital that ever Adult American be able to vote. Therefore I believe, once an individual has served their prison sentence, and upon release immediate restoration.

America has a significant prison population. The way to start addressing this is reeducation and reintroduction into society as a law-abiding citizen. By complete restoration of voter rights, as a state, we can move towards better solutions than the failed policies of the past.



A Special thanks to our volunteers...

My campaign is not hugely funded like my opponent, so I was tasked with assembling a team of grassroots supporters (some of whom are pictured here) who would be willing to give their time and effort to canvass the district in hopes of winning your vote.  I could not have asked for a better group of folks who selflessly knocked on so many doors, and still do today.  These volunteers are compassionate about the important issues facing the 16th District today, so please help us get the word out.  I have listened to your complaints and concerns, and if elected, I will take those concerns directly to the State Assembly.